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Questions about NearBayou Naturals Laundry Soap

Does it work with HE washers?

Yes! Our product is engineered to be HE safe as well as clean out the inside of your washer.

Does it leave a soap residue?

No. Using only one tablespoon or two tablespoons in case heavily soiled, will not leave any soap residue.

What makes our soap ‘Natural’?

Most natural products still have artificial elements in them such as sodium lauryl sulphate.
We use Castile as our primary base which is made by us from saponified oils.

Is our product available in any stores?

Currently, you can buy our product in over two hundred stores in the mid-west.

Will we introduce more scents?

We are very careful about the scents we choose. We make sure they are 100% natural as well as safe for clothes and skin. Since different essential oils have different properties, we have to be careful that none of our scents will cause skin irritations or allergies.

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